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Follow Us to Hot Chocolate Heaven!

Chilly nights, condensation or frost on car windows, and being able to see your breath mean it’s time for hot chocolate season again! Anything chocolate is a win in my book, and hot chocolate can really soothe the soul after a long day. But with so many creative variations on hot chocolate, it would be just detrimental to your happiness to dump some powdery substance from a paper packet into a sad little mug. You might be surprised at just how many different types of hot chocolate recipes there are to choose from and how easy they actually are to make. To keep your head from exploding, we have selected some of our favorites and, of course, the more unique hot chocolate recipes. Enjoy!

But you’ve never had homemade hot chocolate before, you say? Try the traditional, the original Creamy Hot Cocoa. Using real cocoa, vanilla extract, milk, and half-and-half cream, an easy five minutes of cooking time will brew up four cups of some sweet, rich old-fashioned cocoa.

Maybe you want something a little more festive—after all, Christmas is right around the corner. Try a Peppermint Hot Chocolate. Real cocoa joins forces with semisweet chocolate chips and crushed peppermint sticks for an invigorating sip reminiscent of peppermint bark. Though the recipe doesn’t call for it, you might consider adding some peppermint extract for a more powerful sinus-cleansing drink!

Don’t you sometimes wish you were as crafty as Martha Stewart? Except for the jail part.


If you have peppermint and hot chocolate in this color changing heat-sensitive mug, would it show “HOT” or “COLD”?

Maybe you’re not into peppermint but still want a jolt-inducing hot chocolate drink. Drew’s World Famous Triple Rush Hot Chocolate (whoever Drew is) boldly mixes the sweet with the spicy and the caffeinated. How can that be? Semisweet chocolate chips, chili powder, cinnamon, and (gasp!) instant coffee create a hot chocolate hybrid even Sloth from the Goonies would appreciate.

A caffeine jolt plus a hit of spiciness equals a surprise like finding a shark at the bottom of your coffee mug!

Like stuffing, Nutella is a gift mankind gives to itself, so it only made sense to winterize it with Nutella Hot Chocolate. If you’ve never had Nutella…. Well, we don’t know what to tell you, so we will just shake our heads in shame for you. The best part? It’s easy! Nutella and milk is all the recipe calls for, with smiles and a warm happy belly as added benefits.

You’ve never had Nutella before? Come here so we can punch you in the face with this thing.

If you’re looking for something more exotic, combine some orange zest, anise seed, and confectioner’s sugar for the ultimate in Old World taste, the Kocoa Klastch Blend. We can’t even say that middle word, but the unexpected ingredients and surprising smoothness nominate it as a new holiday tradition in our family.

Just perfect.

Whichever way you take it and however you make it, we love hot chocolate recipes and the comfort they bring with them, so feel free to tell us how these recipes turn out for you, or share your own below!


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3 comments on “Follow Us to Hot Chocolate Heaven!

  1. latelyleslie
    December 27, 2012

    hahaha! Sloth! ❤


  2. aubree
    February 9, 2013

    I just bookmarked the Nutella Hot Chocolate recipe and I am going to make that tonight.


  3. Anushka
    February 10, 2013

    They look gorgeous. Well done Nic.This made me chkluce today, as a mum who is trying to cultivate Poppy’s love of baking, but am equally guilty of stifling her creativity Not like that not that much ‘ I hope she makes me equally as proud one day 🙂


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