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D.I.Y. Centerpieces and Candles for the Holidays

Cheap alternatives and D.I.Y. projects are in. Instead of going out to purchase fancy expensive centerpieces for your home, try making your own decorations this year. All you need are some everyday items and a little patience and creativity. Of course, we’re also here to offer some ideas and inspiration (wink).

Firstly, collect all your jars, vases, and glassware. You can use just about any kind of glassware for decorations–the more variation, the better (think visual interest, folks).

Some unique pieces include the Fred and Friends DRINKUP Carafe and Glass and Glass Zipper Bag. Just dress them up with the following fillers.

DRINKUP Carafe and Glass

Glass Zipper Bag

Idea #1: Candy

Fill glassware with sugar and mini marshmallows, then top off with stick candies.

Candy and bows in Apothecary Jars

Peppermints in Glass Vases 

Idea #2: Ornaments

Stick extra ornaments in urns, vases, goblets, and bowls of varying sizes. 

Try different color combinations of ornaments in clear vases. 

Add different elements to your decor, like long branches.

Idea #3: Pine Cones

Fake Snow and Pine Cones 

Add ribbons, spray paint, and doilies for fun.

Colorful Pine Cones

Idea #4: Candles

Twigs and Berries in Vases

Candles in jars with pine and ribbons.

Cinnamon Sticks Candle

Glue evergreen leaves onto any vase for this look.

There are so many great ideas out there in terms of experimenting with your personal holiday decorations. Try some out and share your success with us!

One comment on “D.I.Y. Centerpieces and Candles for the Holidays

  1. I.G.Pradep
    December 18, 2012

    Wow! Ornaments looks Marvelous… I love it… It would be nice if you add e-commerce and sell these Products 🙂


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