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Checklist: Hosting a Christmas Dinner Party

Christmas cheer is nearly here, and it’s the perfect time to host a Christmas dinner party. Now more than ever, hosting a party can be easy with the help of the Internet. Let us guide you through planning and prepping for your holiday celebration. Just follow the checklist below and you should be good to go! Preparation

  • Choose the theme of your party. Ours is going to be a cozy, more casual dinner.
  • Send out your invitations. For a more laid back celebration, email invitations are okay. If you’re hosting a formal dinner, written invitations are more appropriate.
  • Plan the menu with easy-to-make items like finger foods, and make a shopping list for groceries, drinks, napkins, toilet paper, and garbage bags.
Slate Cheese Board

Plan a small appetizer tray and serve an a cheese tray.

Clean Plate Olive Tray

The perfect dish for serving Olives, Cherries and Nuts.

Crab Puffs

Get the party started with scrumptious crab puffs. – Image by:


Spinach, Mushroom and Bacon Mini Quiches make a great finger food dish.

Stuffed Pork Loin

Make ahead pork loin. Easy and tasty!

  • Compile music from your friends and create a playlist for the evening.
  • Clean the house and make a list of all the dishes and cookware you have available to use for the dinner party.
  • Put out the decorations.

    Hang pine cone on ribbons


    Windowsill pine cone decorations

  • Choose a place for coats, like a coat closet or a designated room.
  • Prepare as much of the food as you can the night before the party.

Dinner Party

  • Set the table and take care of the finishing touches on housecleaning and last-minute decorations.
  • Prepare the meal and set out the drinks. Uncork the wine before your guests arrive.

Reusable Frosty the Snowman ice cubes: this is one snowman that won’t melt.

Double-Walled Bottle Cooler for wine and champagne

Vacu Vin Party People Wine Charms Tags Drink Markers

Useful tip: Keep fun drink markers handy to avoid misplaced glasses.

  • Keep a bucket of water and dish soap in the kitchen for soaking dirty dishes or make sure there’s room in the dishwasher if you have one.
  • Lay out all the food and serving utensils.
  • Welcome your guests and enjoy the party!

Cleaning Up

  • If you managed to have leftover wine, freeze it in cubes to use for future recipes.
  • Load and start your dishwasher or let your cookware and dinnerware soak in soapy water overnight.
  • Clear out all trash and recyclables so they don’t stink up the house in the morning.

Holiday trash bags

  • Put away leftovers.
  • Wipe surfaces clean and sweep up the floor.
  • Call it a night and catch some well-deserved zzz’s!

Did we forget anything? How do you prepare for hosting a dinner party?

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