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Scissors Me Timbers: Cutting-Edge Scissors For Crafting And Gift Wrapping

Just when you think you have all that you could possibly want, you find yourself browsing the internet one day and coming across cool, weird scissors you never knew you wanted before. Sigh, story of my life. Who knew I would someday wish to own a pair of scissors designed to look like a bird and stand on its own? I’m talking about Bird Scissors with Feet. These are so cute, see how they resemble a kiwi bird!

Since gift-wrapping season is upon us, I thought I’d share a few innovative designs of scissors that might streamline your decorations and gift wrapping this year.

Let’s start with one of the coolest inventions since the invention of scissors themselves, straight edge laser scissors. These laser-guided scissors are perfect for cutting straight lines without pulling out a ruler and tracing a line first. Just point and cut along the laser line for a flawless, one-step straight edge.

Speaking of one-step wonders, DCI offers Scissor Tape, a pair of scissors that has a roll of tape attached to the thumb handle. Is that not super cool?! With this tool, you only need one free hand to tape up all that gift wrap you’ll be dealing with over the holidays.

Scissors and tape all in one. A match made in heaven!

Now the scissors I’m about to introduce should most likely be used for making decorations rather than cutting gift wrap.  Be astounded by the Sun-Star 7-Blade Shredder Scissors. These things will shred expired credit cards, old documents, you name it. For Christmas, use these multi-blade scissors to create fun decorations for your home and embellishments on your gifts.

Save time with 7 blades instead of 1.

Here are some fun examples of what you can do with multi-blade scissors. Click on the images to see full instructions.

One comment on “Scissors Me Timbers: Cutting-Edge Scissors For Crafting And Gift Wrapping

  1. Ig Pradeep
    December 20, 2012

    I cant believe it. I have never seen these kind of scissors and gadgets.. I love it..


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