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Wrap It Up: 5 Easy D.I.Y. Gift Wrapping Ideas

Usually, I’d be the first person to say, “It’s what’s inside that counts.” But today, I’m here to tell you that what’s on the outside counts just as much–particularly when it comes to wrapping presents! This year, skip the gift wrapping station and save yourself a few bucks. We’ve got some neat ideas from the gift-wrapping gods! (Ok, they’re just ordinary people like you and me, but they’re really really creative!)

For crafting beginners, here’s a fun way to tap into your inner artist: make potato stamp wrapping paper with (you guessed it) potatoes!  Just cut a potato in half and carve a shape you want as your stamp.  Make sure the stamp sticks out about 1/2 an inch. Next, apply ink or paint onto the potato and stamp away. It’s so easy a 2-year-old could do it!

If you can’t get enough of stamps, there’s another fantastic idea that uses fabric instead of paper for your wrapping material: hand printed gift wrap. Follow along the full steps to make your own stamped fabric gift wrapping.

From the same folks who brought you the potato stamp idea, I present to you googly eye paper! Now this is truly unique. All you need to do is wrap your gift and then glue on googly eyes. Go nuts!

For typography lovers, personalize your gifts with hand cut typography. Make typographic gift wrap with simple tools by tracing different kinds of paper with alphabet templates, cutting the letters out, and gluing them onto your wrapping paper.  You can use unique paper from old books with images, a travel map, music sheets, old comic books, etc. to create this special lettering. If you don’t have any old books lying around, try your local thrift store. 🙂

If you don’t feel like cutting out your own letters, check out making office supply gift wrap. You can use helvetica letter stickers and other simple office supplies to add detail to spice up any old wrapping paper. Of course, if you’re taking stuff from your office at work, make sure to ask permission before you grab a whole box full of shipping tags!

Last but not least, for the D.I.Y.-challenged, there’s always Lazy Bows 3D Wrap.  All you need is tape! Wrap your present with this 3D gift wrap and the 3D glasses that are included will take care of the rest.

Experiment today with easy, fun, and unique gift wraps that your friends and family (and wallet) will love. Now that’s a wrap!

2 comments on “Wrap It Up: 5 Easy D.I.Y. Gift Wrapping Ideas

  1. Sharon
    December 19, 2012

    I found that wrapping things in foil makes it looks extra snazzy under the tree. Only problem is when you need it to bake and you realize you’re out cause of all those presents!


    • stantalum
      December 19, 2012

      I never thought of wrapping presents in aluminum foil…Thanks for sharing. I just might give it a try this year!


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