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How to Survive Family Holiday Parties… with Booze

If your family is like mine, drama, awkward moments, and making small talk are just some of the dreaded and inevitable circumstances you might find yourself in at a holiday function. Sure, you could just hold your drink and stare at a wall for a few… hours… Or you could spend some time talking about the latest Barbie fashions with your kid cousin (My! How much you have missed!). OR… you can choose to try your best to connect with that aunt that’s always shunned you, or inquire your grandma about Christmases of her youth. If she can remember them… Oh heck, who are we kidding, you need booze to get you by! Everything seems A-OK with a little B.A.C., but at the same time, you don’t want to be relabeled the family drunk. Once again saving your hides from some discomfort, we have compiled a list of our favorite hidden flasks. The secret: they’re flasks in books!

No one at the family holiday party will bother you if you look like you’re studying. Bender Bound offers a huge variety of flasks in books to suit your scholastic or otherwise curious needs. Are you a law student? Well, you can pretend you need to catch up on some law terms in the study with this Law Book with a glass flask inside. Got stuck in the kitchen cooking? Let “The Joy of Cooking” Cookbook brew up some glossy-eyed happiness for you at the holiday party. All of Bender Bound’s products include Italian glass flasks and are handmade with re-purposed books, which means that every book comes with that quality craftedness lost in most products today.


Just studying for the bar exam…


Yes, Gray’s Anatomy books with hidden flasks are available for purchase. Hey, people read anatomy books sometimes!

Your family members at the holiday party might also be discouraged from bugging you if you appear to be in prayer or brushing up on your bible verses. Adorned with very traditional gold and black, The Good Book hip flask looks like your typical worn bible straight from the church pew. Inside, though, you will find liquid enlightenment with a stainless steel flask. Peace be with you… and also with your newfound admiration for the Good Word.



Instead of reading a book, you can always tell family members you’re writing one– a book of memoirs, to be exact. No writer would be without his or her trusty bottle of booze, and this Dear Diary hip flask is your place to start. Who knows, you might actually find inspiration to write an autobiography. Or to spill it to an unsuspecting niece. Hopefully, the former.


“Dear Diary” is all we could make out. The rest is illegible.

So RSVP to that family holiday party whose invitation you’ve been frowning at. Word to the wise: whiskey makes you smell. Unless you’re comfortable with the nickname “whiskeybreath,” stick with a clear liquid and keep some mints handy. Otherwise, make reading fun again with hidden booze in books!

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One comment on “How to Survive Family Holiday Parties… with Booze

  1. Ig Pradeep
    December 20, 2012

    In my childhood….My big brother had this once, But my grandpa took it from him…
    I wonder how it feels? 🙂


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