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Nightmare Before Christmas: A Gift Guide of Creepy and Unusual Winter Wear

Baby, it’s cold outside…which means it’s time to whip out your fuzzy scarves, hats, stockings, and more. Winter is the best for bundling up and looking wholesome and cozy (think log cabin cute), but not everyone wants to look like Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. If you love standing out or know someone who lives to make a statement, check out these creepy and unusual clothing items and accessories that are perfect for the cold winter season. Give a loved one the gift of being edgy–now that’s a unique gift idea!

Creepy and Unusual Winter Wear

Brain Hat Knitting Pattern

Gives the term “brainy” a whole new meaning.

For the DIY lovers out there, this is a fantastic project. You can also find ready-to-wear brain beanies on Etsy.

Beardski Prospector Beard

Ever wonder how it’d feel to have a beard? Wonder no more with a Beardski!

Water resistant, made with thermal fleece, and pretty darn unusual, if you ask me! Great for skiing and snowboarding.

Skeleton Pajamas

Keep toasty without the traditional mistletoe patterns and rock a bloody cool skeleton instead.

Onesies and winter are made for each other. Make this year a Christmas with a twist.

Muscles Leggings


Muscle Leggings

What a statement piece!

Layer these under some jeans for warmth or wear them alone to show off your muscles! No weight training necessary.

Bone Socks


Bone Socks

Edgy socks to stay warm and stand out.

Basic Scarf

Channeling Lady Gaga, anyone?

Look for a scarf with a pattern like this one, a not-so-basic scarf. I don’t know what it looks like to you, but I’m thinking this pattern resembles raw meat.

Now that you have some ideas of unusual gifts for attention lovers, people are bound to react this way to your awesome gifts:

Just kidding.

3 comments on “Nightmare Before Christmas: A Gift Guide of Creepy and Unusual Winter Wear

  1. jeremy
    December 13, 2012

    a zombie brain beanie would be even creepier lol


  2. benni
    December 14, 2012

    Thank you shooo much…. I bought couple of bone socks and muscles legging for my friends and they liked it sooo much thanks again… Keep it up


  3. igpradeep
    December 15, 2012

    Wow! muscles legging… I will save all this for next Halloween festival..


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