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Top 15 Gifts for Co-workers and Office Buddies

Whether it’s hanging out by the water cooler or doing happy hour and karaoke, co-workers are a particular breed of friends that take some effort to make. After getting past the professional front and small talk, you might discover that s/he complements your personality almost as much as your childhood friend– or that they are pure evil in a physical form. Hopefully, the former. And for that awesome co-worker who makes work feel less like work, here’s our list of top Christmas gifts!

1. Cassette Tape Dispenser

Cassette Tape Dispenser

While you might not be playing any Paula Abdul single (hey, she was cool at one time!), the Cassette Tape Dispenser provides a much more relevant function, and you don’t need to wind the spool with a pencil or your pinky! Plus, it looks just as cool on a desk as it did with in your walkman when you were in your parachute-pants-phase.

2. Aphrodite USB Hub

Did you blush a little when we reminded you about your MC-Hammer-period? You can counter that feeling with a very refined, very cultured Aphrodite USB Hub with four ports and classy portability to boot.

3. Buckyballs


Time for a break! The ever-popular Buckyballs have easily earned a reputation for being an addicitve office toy and has been praised by critics and magazines alike, from Time to Wired. But their manufacturer is taking them off the shelves, and what’s in stock is all that’s left, so get one now!

4. Cubebot Puzzle

Cutebot Puzzle

Behold the successor to Buckyballs, the Cubebot! Packaged as a cube, this office toy has cherry wood pieces kept together with elastic bands, giving you the freedom of posable possibility and the same frivolous thrill you get from playing with action figures.

5. Basin Sink Paperclip Holder

When the sink in the break room gets clogged, no one ever seems to know whodunit. At least you or your co-worker can  have one working sink closeby with a Basin Sink Paperclip Holder.

6. Rocky Desk Butler

Even if your office friend or co-worker is a cat person, s/he can’t deny the helpfulness this little Rocky Desk Butler happily offers, from a pen holder to a magnetic snout for paperclips to rubberbands for his collar.

7. Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy


If you gift this Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy for your co-worker, does the pen stay in there when it’s out of ink?

8. Jot Desk Coaster


If your co-worker is all about being more functional or efficient, this Jot Desk Coaster does just the trick with its built-in pen caddy and a home for every cubicle worker’s best friend. A vibrant color also reminds them that it’s okay to loosen up a little (s/he is making the rest of you look bad!)!

9. Like/ Dislike Stamp

More paperwork to revise? Slam a huge “Dislike” across it. Time for lunch, anyways? Smile when you “Like” it. A Like/Dislike Stamp says it all. We “like” this.

10. Dine Ink Pen Utensil Set

Dine Ink Pen Set

Nothing like a Dine Ink Pen Utensil Set to remind your co-worker that  s/he has work waiting for him/her after the lunch break.

11. Big Head Memo Pad

Does your co-worker never seem to see those brightly colored notes posted around his/her desk? A clear and visible Big Head Memo Pad has a dry erase surface and included marker so you can write a note about another note.

12. Talk to the Hand Sticky Notes

Does your co-worker actually pay attention to those office memos? Take a note on this! A Talk to the Hand Sticky Note makes it very clear just how you feel about his/her tactfulness.

13. Decision Maker

It’s nearing the end of the day, and you and your co-worker just exchanged that glance– you know, the one where glazed-over eyes mean you both could just care less what happens next. In those moments, let a Decision Maker point your office buddy in a direction– maybe not the right direction, but a direction nonetheless.

14. Daily Mood Flip Chart

So your co-worker let a Decision Maker choose whether to prank your supervisor or not. Whoops. Enjoy your chuckle while you watch him/her flip a Daily Mood Flip Chart to “Defeated” .

15. Heart Hole Punch

Heart Hole Punch

After all the typing, clicking, and clock-watching, it’s time for a little end-of-the-workday love in a Heart Hole Punch. Those heart hole punches double as confetti to pour all over your co-worker.

Any gift you buy from this gift guide for co-workers will be just one more thing you and your office friend have in common, and to that, we stamp “like”.

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2 comments on “Top 15 Gifts for Co-workers and Office Buddies

  1. George
    December 15, 2012

    i bought couple of gifts and my whole team really appreciated for the choice and i didn’t tell them the secret how i got these ideas from you 😉 Thanks you soo much..


  2. igpradeep
    December 15, 2012

    Aphrodite USB Hub suits for office… Like to use Like/ Dislike Stamp in office.. Lol!


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