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8 Manly Gifts for the Man Cave

Women roll their eyes, men cheer and cry; I’m talking about the man cave. The “No Girls Allowed,” cootie-hating anthem of boys’ youth has emerged as a new breed of bicep-flexing, bacon-craving, video game fanatics that we can’t help but love. Honor your cave dwellers with some of these manly toys for the boys’ room, the man cave!

1. Bigfoot Welcome Mat

We found the Sasquatch! It’s your husband.

Upon entering the man cave, a proper welcome is required. Only a Bigfoot Welcome Mat could provide the sort of entrance that the grandeur of any man cave worth its virility has. Let the boys beat their chests after they wipe their delicate paws!

2. Luchador Bottle Openers

Luchador Bottle Openers

A proper host offers his guests drinks, but the man cave deserves something like Luchador Bottle Openers for some manly hospitality. Just like Bigfoot doesn’t like cameras, luchadores don’t like bottle caps, so get the beer flowing with some untamed masked action!

3. Beer and Shot Glasses

Bombs Away Shot Glasses

Bombs Away Shot Glasses

Hopside Down Beer Glass

Hopside Down Beer Glass

Of course, drinks always seem to taste better from a frosty, well-gripped glass. Give the cave dweller some Hopside Down Beer Glasses for his hosting needs. Or, if his fellow cavemates prefer straight liquor, gift the man some Bombs Away Shot Glasses and let them fire it up! Get it?

4. Rubiks Cube Coasters

Rubiks Cube Coasters

The man cave, while still a cave, deserves to be treated with some respect and, hey, a little cleanliness at times. A good start is a Rubiks Cube Coaster Set, fun and retro while also protecting furniture from water rings and such. Then their guests can thoroughly bathe in the glory that comes from their new displayed sword collection!

5. Swords!

"I use my Dragon Tiger Phoenix Samurai Sword Set to cut melons."

“I use my Dragon Tiger Phoenix Samurai Sword Set to cut melons.”

"And this Double Ball Medieval Flail I use to tenderize my steaks."

“And this Double Ball Medieval Flail I use to tenderize my steaks.”

It’s basically a scientific fact that guys love all things swords, from Roman warrior to zombie warrior. Swords of Might has an exceptionally large collection of items that most guys secretly covet but are rarely given as gifts. So why not break his heart while he breaks whatever he wants with his new Samurai Sword, Medieval Weapon, Viking Sword, or whatnot!

If your dude is more of a traditional lad, he might be more inclined to push his friends into an old-school game of poker. It might be rather keen of you to prepare him for such an event, and here are three easy necessities for this manly gift bag: All-Black Playing Cards, a Rubber Ashtray, and a Beer Bites Snack Bowl.

6. All-Black Playing Cards

All-Black Playing Cards. All we can say is bada**.

Joker in the Black

Joker in the Black

Nothing says poker face like All-Black Playing Cards. Rather than your typical face cards, geometric super-modern designs grace this sleek playing card set for a stylish and yet masculine man gift.

7. Rubber Ashtray

Rubber Ashtray

With all these swords and scary-looking weapons around, glass just won’t do: a rubber ashtray is basically indestructible and lets the boys have their cigars along with their poker game.

Can’t… crush… Not… manly… enough… argh!

8. Beer Bites Snack Bowl

Beer Bites Snack Bowl

The man cave also requires a place for snacks during the poker game, sword-admiring, flexing contests, or whatever goes on in there. A Beer Bites Snack Bowl reminds men to accompany their salty party snacks with an equally tasty refreshment.

And there you have it: our list of the top eight man gifts for the man cave!

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2 comments on “8 Manly Gifts for the Man Cave

  1. igpradeep
    December 15, 2012

    Rubber Ashtray? is it fine? wont it melt? or made of some other materials?


  2. latelyleslie
    January 4, 2013

    all this man cave is missing is a giant “No Ma’am” sign


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