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Stocking Stuffers: 15 Gifts for the Cool College Kid

Getting gifts for college students shouldn’t be that difficult. They study, they party, and they love to play with crazy gadgets. Put yourself in their shoes and you’re bound to succeed in getting them a cool gift for the holidays. Or better yet, take some ideas from us. Consider it a present!

For laughs

1) Refrigerator Upgrade Magnet

If you can’t afford the real thing, fake it. This amusing magnet looks real and even addresses you as “Master.” What college-age person wouldn’t like this?

2) OUCH! Bandages – Quotes & Quips

bandages 1

Pain never felt so funny

Forget the pain with these clever one-liners.

3) Wishy Washy Soap

When you’re a college student, almost anything can be enjoyable in life, even something as mundane as washing your hands.

For parties

4) Cool Mustache Shot Glass

Part of college life involves having fun and partying with your peers. A personalized shot glass is a great stocking stuffer, especially since you can collect them if you don’t drink.

5) Bar Games Drink Mats

A fun package of games, brain-teasers, puzzles, and quizzes for play time at the campus bar.

6) Poker Face Cards

Hilariously transparent playing cards give new meaning to the term, “poker face.”

For school

7) My Life Story Journal

Perfect for a personal journal or for taking notes, this blank booklet comes with 1080 pages and includes a world map.

8) Armed Notebook

Talk about a cool cover. Graphing paper on the inside makes this statement notebook perfect for math class.

9) iKickstand for Tablets

Kickstands aren’t only for bicycles anymore. Now you can prop up your tablet devices for reading and other activities.

For techies

10) Thumb Camera


A portable camera the size chewing gum that’s perfect as a stocking stuffer.

11) Robot 2.0 USB Hub

A robot to keep you company while you work on your computer is as cool as it gets. This USB hub is both PC and Mac compatible.

12) 3-Way Head Phone Splitter Music Branch

Sharing music with friends has never been easier with this 3-way headphone splitter. Shaped like branches, this is a perfect holiday gift!

13) Pinhole Camera Solargraphy Kit

Great for breaks, this DIY Paper Pinhole and Solargraphy kit captures images in a unique way, without lenses.

For waking up

14) Sonic Boom Analog Alarm Clock

It’s loud, it vibrates your bed, and it has flashing lights. Even the deepest sleepers will wake up with this alarm–just in time for class!

15) Amp’d Up Mug


For all those long nights and early mornings, the Amp’d Up mug is the perfect hip, oversized mug for your caffeine fix.

No matter who you are, the college student you’re shopping for will get a kick out of these cool stocking stuffers.

2 comments on “Stocking Stuffers: 15 Gifts for the Cool College Kid

  1. igpradeep
    December 15, 2012

    I want to buy that 3-Way Head Phone Splitter Music Branch badly… You have a nice collection..


    • stantalum
      December 19, 2012

      Thanks. I agree, the head phone splitter is functional and super cool in design. I really do think it’s a perfect stocking stuffer!


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