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12 Quirky Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

“Ugh, this guy smells even worse than I do.”

If you’re a pet lover, you know that everyday is like Christmas for your fur ball when s/he gets a new toy or treat. And if you know a pet lover, you know s/he loves getting gifts for little Princess or big Buddy, and Christmas is no exception.  Be sure to include both pet and pet lover on your Christmas shopping lists with some of these steals, splurges, and special items!

Meow-sers! Gifts for Felines and Feline Freaks

Cats Attack Scratching Post

If you’re a cat owner, you know what a terror those claws can be. Let them wreak havoc on their own little city with a Cats Attack Scratching Post!

Fire Engine Cat Playhouse

Or kitty can play the hero in this scenario with a Fire Engine Cat Playhouse or a Tank Cat Playhouse!

Tank Cat Playhouse

Lil’ Whiskers not feelin’ the villain vibe today? Let him live out his (or your) fantasies as a magical creature with an Inflatable Unicorn Horn! Rainbows not included.

Unicorn Horn for Cats. Doesn’t he look just darling?

For the cat lover with a sense of humor, we’ve got things to put up cats’ butts! No, really, we do: check out this Cloth-Cat Towel Holder. Shove the end of a bath towel or kitchen towel into the cat’s, ahem, end for convenient hand drying. If you like this (you sadistic fool), also consider gifting this Sharp-end Cat Pencil Sharpener (as seen on the show Workaholics!) Stick a pencil up there and listen to your pencil sharpener meow in pain! No, really, it does!


Cloth Cat Towel Holder

Sharp-end Pencil Sharpener

Sharp-end Pencil Sharpener

If the cat lover in question has a more sophisticated taste, bestow them with the elegant read “I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems By Cats”. With quality literature such as “I Lick Your Nose” and “Your Keyboard,” the refined tastes of the gift receiver in question will be satisfied and yet craving more feline poetry.


Just exquisite.

Crazy Over Canines: Top Gifts for Pooches and Those Who Love Them

If you’re a dog owner, there’s no denying the love you have for your companion is like no other. Besides having a well-fitted collar and quality leash, a Pet Blinky Safety Light will help keep the canine visible and safe during walks.

Cute lil’ dog not included. Unfortunately.

Like their feline counterparts, dogs also enjoy games and play time. Any knowledgeable dog owner will swear by the toys from the Kong Toy Company, known for their variety of durable dog chew toys that also clean canine chompers at the same time. The Kong Classic is perfect for the average chewer and has a hollowed middle for treats or paste.

Kong Classic

Dog with Kong ClassicIs the mutt a cuddler or a tugger? Choose from their selection of plush toys, squeak toys, plush toys with squeaks, ropes, toys for multiple dog play, and plenty more! All with the same durability as the Kong Classic and the same dental benefits.a

Tugga Wubba

Tugga Wubba

Pudge Braidz Pig

Pudge Braidz Pig

As a dog owner myself, I would love to have a clean house back for Christmas. This FURminator is a fantastic tool for getting to a dog’s undercoat and preventing clothes and furniture from looking like a Christmas snowstorm pummeled through them. Plus, every purchase benefits the Found Animals Foundation, so you and your dog-loving friend can smile knowing you’re helping find homes for adoptable pets!


The FURminator and its efficacy

And for dogs owners with special tastes, there’s the Photobooth Dogs coffee table book, a collection of people and their pooches that spans over eight decades, beginning in the 1920s. Perfect for dog and photography lovers alike!

Photobooth Dogs

Photobooth Dogs Page

Betta Get Your Fish A Gift Too

Give your fish the extreme home makeover it has always wanted with the Umbra FishHotel Aquarium. A  luxurious and modern habitat for Betta fish and other small pet fishes. Add rocks and plants to give the fish a place to lounge and chill out with their other executive fish friends. Create a 5-star hotel atmosphere for your aquatic friend, housekeeping and room service not included!


Did you know pet owners tend to be generally healthier and live longer than those who don’t own pets? Just another reason to include your pet in the Christmas gift giving festivities!

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