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Our 15 Favorite Gifts for Dear Ol’ Dad

Sure, they have an entire holiday already dedicated to them, but dads deserve just as much recognition on Christmas as any other day of the year. Whether he’s the guy who took you out for your first drive,  showed you how to change a flat tire, or taught you that driving over a curb and getting a flat tire is not the end of the world (notice a pattern?), fathers can be both blunt and yet sensitive, strict and yet understanding, stoic and yet the funniest man you’ve ever met. And for every type of dad out there, there’s a desirable and appropriate Christmas gift. Here’s to all types of dads and the top gifts for every kind!

1. The Money-Bags Dad: ALL-ETT World’s Thinnest Wallets and the Steinhausen Money Clip

The ALL-ETT Wallet vs. the average bulky wallet


Steinhausen Money Clips

Though household responsibilities and gender roles are changing, fathers have long been conceived as the breadwinners of the household– and guardians of allowance. For the dad with the fat wallet (physically or metaphorically), an ALL-ETT wallet aptly named the World’s Thinnest Wallet combines a smart space-saving design with a variety of wallet shapes and sizes in nylon and leather. If your dad likes to show off his fat wallet, a Steinhausen Money Clip in either gold or silver might be just enough bling for him.

2. The Not-Before-I’ve-Had-My-Coffee Dad: The Fisiticup Mug and Kill Time Coffee Mug

Fisticup Mug

Kill Time Coffee Mug

Every morning coffee person knows it’s difficult to function without that hot, black, liquid jolt. Dad can make it blaringly obvious that all conversation should be withheld– you know, for your safety. Let him feel like a tough guy with a tough cup like a Fisticup Mug, with knuckledusters for a handle, or a Kill Time Coffee Mug, with a trigger for a handle.

3. The Sports-Lovin’ Dad: J-Me Remote Control Tidy and GCI Xpress Lounger

J-Me Remote Tidy

GCI Xpress Lounger

GCI Xpress Lounger to go

When your dad’s eyes are glued to the television for a football game, nothing will pull him away (well, except maybe the Bacon Hot Sauce from #5 below). All of the moment’s necessities are right within reach with a J-Me Remote Control Tidy, which we also featured in our previous blog about how to enjoy TV more comfortably. For the dad who prefers to watch his football or sports live (or just likes a good ol’ tailgating party), we recommend a GCI Xpress Lounger, which folds an aluminum frame into the size of a laptop, perfect for tailgating or just being outdoors.

4. The Organized Dad: J-Me Par Avion Letter Holder and Eyeglasses Holder

J-Me Par Avion Letter Holder

Eyeglasses Holder

A place for everything, and everything in its place. We’re not sure who said that, but it was probably someone’s father. And for that person and those like him, there’s a J-Me Par Avion Letter Holder and a hand carved wooden Eyeglasses Holder. The rubber mail holder also has a very concealed letter opener along with its imprinted world stamps. This Eyeglassses Holder has a very distinguished look to it, the type that fathers with wisdom have when they’re giving you life lessons you probably didn’t ask for.

5. The Grillin’ Dad: BBQ Guitar Spatula and Bacon Hot Sauce

BBQ Guitar Spatula

Bacon Hot Sauce

Cold weather won’t stop a die-hard grillmaster from firing up the barbecue, and your dad will love that you recognize that, even as Christmas is right around the corner. A stainless steel BBQ Guitar Spatula will let him cook up a rockin’ set of burgers, to which he will follow up with some air guitar. You might pair up the grilling tool with some Bacon Hot Sauce, with just enough salt to satisfy that weird guy craving for anything bacon and just enough spice to add flavor without being overpowering.

6: The Chillin’ Dad: Whisky Stones and First Aid Flask

Whisky Stones

First Aid Flask

If my Dad wore a robe with a satin ascot, I’d probably think he was ridiculous, but mostly I would think his empty hand requires a drink of some sort. For those dads who believe in the relaxation found in a glass of whisky, hand them some Whisky Stones, soapstone cubes milled by the oldest soapstone workshop in the country. Unlike ice, Whisky Stones don’t water down a drink but still chill a drink while looking pretty respectable doing it. If Dad doesn’t have time for his robe and ascot, but he just needs a drink NOW, rush him a First Aid Flask and watch as liquid relief quells his nerves. Phew!

7: The Stressful Dad: Stress Beaters and Hang Out Hammocks


Stress Beater

Hang Out Hammock

Hang Out Hammocks

Maybe your Dad is the type of person whose idea of relaxation is to just do nothing at all. Stress Beaters require so little effort but still offer the same relief gained from typical stress management methods but looks way tough like the Fisticup Mug from above. If you want a fail-proof gift for dad, no man will say no to a hammock. This Hang Out Hammock has the knotting system that makes hammocks so comfy and yet notorious for breaching weekend work plans.

8: The One-Liner Dad: Talking TP and Snore Stopper

Talking TP

Snore Stopper

If it’s not your dad, then you know someone whose dad is the family jokester, the guy who always knows how to tell a story or has the wit of a thousand comedians minus the cheesy factor. The Talking TP holder is… well, just that: a toilet paper holder that can record a message for you and play it back when the roll moves. Endless possibilities with all the awkwardness of being mocked while doing the doody drop– Dad’ll love it! And now Mom can get in on the fun with a Snore Stopper, aptly shaped like a boxing glove for a loving “nudge” to quiet down during shuteye.

Don’t forget to remind Dad that, without you, he wouldn’t even be Dad, so you deserve equally cool Christmas gifts in return!

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