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15 Gifts for Chefs and Food Lovers

These might not be certified Iron Chefs, but the family chef loves cookin’ up new meals like it’s a challenge his or her reputation depends on. But without the proper tools and a pinch (or cupful!) of humor, they just won’t get through it easily or smiling. And for us food lovers, that spells a steaming plate of shut-up-and-eat. Not that great, if you haven’t tried it. Here’s our recipe for the top Christmas gifts for those who love to cook (and those who enjoy watching them!)

The best recipes arguably start from scratch, so likewise we will start with the basics!

1. Matryoshka Measuring Spoons

The Cute Side of Matryoshka Measuring Spoons

Matryoshka Measuring Spoons

First, every family chef needs a basic set of measuring spoons. But you don’t think of your cook as basic, do you? Thought not. This Matryoshka Measuring Spoon Set starts at the 1/4 teaspoon to the full 1 tablespoon measurements with the classic Matryoshka Russian nesting dolls face on the back side.

2. Cooking Utensils

Joseph Joseph Elevate Utensil Carousel

Joseph Joseph Elevate Utensils

Guitar Baking Spatula

Guitar Baking Spatula

Once measurements are established, your food lover needs tools for which to add, mix, cream, blend, drizzle, turn, spread, and stir! The Joseph Joseph Elevate Utensil Carousel is the staple kitchen utensil set and hence one of our favorite gifts for chefs. The Guitar Baking Spatula, well, just plain rocks.

3. Knife Sharpener and Storing Sets

Sharp Act Knife Sharpener

Sharp Act Knife Sharpener

The Ex Knife Holder

Let your favorite chef add a little mystery to his/her performance with a Sharp Act Knife Sharpener. Perhaps a mystery ingredient or mystery meat? If your favorite chef is nursing a broken heart, nothing will help bring relief or at least a smile more than The Ex Knife Holder. But who says it has to be an ex? Maybe a boss, a mother in law; the victims are endless. Featuring heavy-gauge stainless-steel construction and razor-sharp precision cutting blades, these knives are backed by a stunning 25 Year warranty. These knives are as clever as they are useful for any kitchen.

4. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Snowglobe Salt & Pepper Shakers

Snowglobe Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt & Pepper Bots

Drowning In Debt Shakers

With all our kitchen utensils in order, it’s time to grab the fundamental spices of every dish, salt and pepper. Let the chef bring a festive mood to every recipe with Snowglobe Salt and Pepper Shakers. Satisfy the kid in them with these Salt and Pepper Bots. For the somber chef, there’s these Drowning in Debt Shakers,  reminding them at least they have their joy of cooking that no bank can take away.

5. Oven Mitts

Greetings Earthling Oven Mitt

Shark Bite Oven Mitt

#1 Chef Oven Mitt

Your chef’s meal is nearing completion! A little time in the oven is called for, so your chef will need an oven mitt– but not just any hot mitt! Give them a Greeting Earthling Oven Mitt for recipes they’ve never tried before. For dishes with spice or a “bite”, only a Shark Bite Oven Mitt can handle the wild flavor baking in the oven. Or if you simply want to show your appreciation, there’s no doubt your chef will feel all mushy like cookie dough with a #1 Chef Oven Mitt.

6. Matryoshka Kitchen Timer

Matryoshka Kitchen Timer

Matryoshka Kitchen Timer

Every chef, professional and amateur, knows that cooking time can make the difference between an exquisite dish and something that looks like dirt. Help your cook shoot for the former with this Matryoshka Kitchen Timer, which complements the Matryoshka Measuring Spoon Set above.

7. Blomus Stainless Steel Soap

Blomus Stainless Steel Soap

The meal is ready! But no chef would approach a table without a good, thorough handwashing first. This Blomus Stainless Steel Soap actually eradicates funky food smells like garlic and fish while also cleansing hands of germs. Say goodbye to soap scum and that weird lemony soap smell on your hands. Plus this soap bar will last for years!

8. Log ‘n’ Roll Paper Dispenser

Log ‘n’ Roll Paper Dispenser

A Log ‘n’ Roll Paper Dispenser reminds your chef that it is now time to stop and enjoy the scenery because it is officially time to enjoy the fruits of his/her labor. In addition to the adorableness of this paper towel dispenser, the more paper towels you use,  the cute little squirrel and its plant friend will disappear so you’ll know when it’s time to refill!

9. Buddha Butter Dish

Buddha Butter Dish

And finally, let your favorite chef top the finished product with some greasy richness in the form of butter.. A Buddha Butter Dish brings a little outer peace to the table without having to strive for inner peace. We’re guessing Paula Deen has something similar to this on her breakfast table.

Speaking of Buddha and gifts, this reminds me of a joke: A Buddhist walks up to a hot dog stand, “Make me one with everything,”  he says. He takes the hotdog and gives his money to the vendor. When the vendor accepts his money without saying anything, the Buddhist asks “What about the change?”.  “Change comes from within,” says the vendor.

Happy cooking!

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2 comments on “15 Gifts for Chefs and Food Lovers

  1. Raina
    December 10, 2012

    This is a great combination of gifts. I am sure fellow food bloggers would love and would also consider for writing about the same. The Log and roll paper dispenser is really cute


  2. Terri
    December 15, 2012

    Wow!! i love all these, i will soon get them, all the kitchen accessories are awesome and very useful i am subscribing to your blog. Thanks alot


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