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10 Fun Winter Activities for Kids and Adults

The weather’s been awfully strange lately. Here in Los Angeles, it’s finally starting to feel like winter is approaching. After an endless summer we’ve just started getting our first signs of rain. As it is, whether you’re experiencing snowy, rainy, or clear but nippy days, no winter season should go without some awesome memorable activities meant for the cold. Sometimes it gets difficult thinking of things to do in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For those moments, you have us!

Sandy’s list of things to do during winter:


Stargazing – One of my favorite things to do in fall and winter is to look up at the night sky and admire the stars that shine brightest this time of year. There are lots of constellations you can easily pick out. My personal favorite is Orion’s Belt, because it is the easiest for me to spot. Something about always being able to see that specific cluster of stars when I peer up at the sky brings me comfort. Maybe it’s because it’s one thing I can always count on. If you’re interested in learning more about winter constellations, you can check out this webpage on winter constellations from

Ice skating – Even in Southern California, where it only snows in the mountains, you can find seasonal ice skating rinks outdoors. So. Cal’s most popular ice skating rink is ICE at Santa Monica. Search up locations near you and partake in one of America’s favorite winter pastimes!

Don’t forget your scarves and gloves!


 Arts and crafts – D.I.Y. projects and making crafts is a fantastic indoor activity for anyone at any age. I believe anyone can be an artist and everyone has some creativity to share with the world. Winter is a perfect time to rummage through your old supplies and replenish your stock with neat craft supplies from your local hardware or arts and crafts store. Here’s a tutorial on how to make some seasonal decorations.

Movie marathon – Choose a theme (like movies with your favorite actor, movies of a particular genre, or film location) and enjoy hours of cinematic genius while you snuggle up in comfy pj’s or covers!


Hot cocoa – You can’t have winter without having hot cocoa. Relish the cold weather with hot drinks and stir up those sensory memories, cupping your cold hands around a nice mug of toasty chocolatey goodness (with marshmallows!). Mmmmm… 

Board games – As a kid of the beloved ’80s, I lived and breathed board games. Life was my game of choice, but who can forget Monopoly? Many a time I spent finding lost token pieces and “making it rain” with my colorful fake money (even before I knew what that was). Ah, the good ol’ days! Relive some of your favorite childhood moments with the best board games ever made. You’ll be glad you did.


Shopping spree – Hit the mall and spend hours indoors as you shop till you drop. If you’re on a budget like me, just walk around and window shop with friends. It’s a great place to keep warm and wander aimlessly to beat the cold. You can also check out new movies at the movie theater.

See a play – Another fun way to keep yourself preoccupied during the winter is to go see a play or musical production. It’s nice to dress up every once in a while and experience some wonderful shows. I recently saw The Book of Mormon at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles and it was quite entertaining. Look up what’s performing near you! (Google is your friend.)

The stunning Pantages Theater in Los Angeles


Nature/sensory walks – Take a walk around your local area and observe the colors, sights and smells that arrive in winter. This is great for the whole family. I love getting out every now and then to breathe the fresh morning air and take in the surrounding nature. Though it’s mostly squirrels and neighborhood trees I see, it’s still a relaxing time.

Read – If you’ve got extra time around the house, open up a book and dive into that story you’ve been meaning to read eventually. Winter days inside are the perfect opportunity for you to get your reading in now.

There are so many more things you can do this season. Share some of your most loved activities with us!

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