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‘Tis the Season to be Traveling

If you picked answer d, you’re correct! Here’s a sticker for you.

Whether you’re visiting family and friends or they’re visiting you, this is the season for traveling. This year, you and your loved ones can embark on your journeys stress-free and in comfort.

As thin as the bills inside it!

The Basics – Dress in layers and pack efficiently. Wearing your heavy coat instead of packing it will save a lot of space in your luggage. Ditching bulky items also helps. The World’s Thinnest Wallets, from ALL-ETT is a great solution to carrying your essentials in a compact case. Offered in leather or nylon and in various styles, you can choose the best option for your needs (choice is good!).

Don’t go traveling without this!

Extra Goodies for some Peace and Quiet – Whatever your method of travel (unless you’ve found a way to teleport from one place to another, in which case you should share with us all!), you might like a travel pillow by TravelRest. You can wear it, tether it to your seat, or attach it to your headrest. To help get your sleep on, you can try an eye mask, from one of our favorite travel design brands Flight 001. You may have seen them in our previous posting in our September article “Savvy Traveler”, offering tips on how to travel light. If you have trouble sleeping on trips the Dream Mate Sleeping Aid Wristband will be of great benefit. It uses pulse waves to target pressure points on your wrist, allowing you to relax and fall fast asleep. Ever try to read in a moving vehicle only to feel like you’ve just been spun around in a chair a thousand times? Do curvy roads, bumpy train rides or swaying boats get you easily nauseated? Well luckily the folks who created Dream Mate also invented the Motion Sickness Relief Band. Just like the Dream mate, it releases pulse waves onto certain pressure points on your wrist that will relieve you of those queasy lapses.

OMADM800D-2T               OMADM800M-2T

Flight 001 Sleep Mask

Inflight Comfort Travel Kit

Inflight Comfort Travel Kit

 Of course, there are also noise canceling headphones, which turn noisy environments into quiet ones. The Sennheiser PXC 250-II Headphones are a perfect pair for air travel because they are lightweight and travel-friendly size. If you’d prefer a little music over peaceful silence, you could try something like the iPod Travel Pillow. This neck pillow comes with built-in speakers that allow you to enjoy your iPod tunes or audio from a DVD player. And worry not, the speakers are so close to your ears, your music shouldn’t bother anyone else sitting nearby.

Mini headphones that cancel out BIG noise

A travel pillow that’s music to your ears–literally!

I have one last quiz question for you: What’s the fastest way to get around in a busy airport?

If luggage with a built-in scooter was your answer, you deserve 100 brownie points! Check out the Only Scootercase. With in-line wheels and a nonslip foldout foot-board, you’ll be coasting along to your destination.

Happy traveling, folks!

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