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How to Manage Holiday Stress: Tips and Gadgets to Get You Through The Holiday Season

Making our holidays happy can require a lot of work and preparation. In the midst of working, going to school, and managing day-to-day life, we’re expected to plan holiday meals, make travel plans, organize social gatherings, and shop for gifts for our loved ones. Needless to say, that can all get a little stressful.

As calming as the sea…

For a quick, effortless way to deal with stress, don a pair of special goggles and headphones from MindSpa Mind Relaxation Systems to experience the same relaxation effect as listening to waves at the beach. The science behind this lies in rhythmic patterns to induce lower mental activity to promote a calming sensation. With this system, you get a pair of glasses that produce flickering LED lights that you wear with your eyes closed. You also wear headphones that produce a light beating sound, emulating your brain waves to take you far from everyday stressors.

Similarly, the Head Spa Massager provides a one-stop solution for those really bad days, when all you really need is a nice massage. This massaging device comes from the ingenuity of Italian design and Japanese engineering. All you need to do is place the Head Spa Massager on your head like a helmet and relax as the scalp massager uses accupressure to stimulate nerve endings and increase blood flow. In moments, you’ll be rid of any tension, headaches, or other stress-related symptoms that were bothering you before. A great plus is that this massager comes with a rechargeable battery and AC adapter, so you can bring it with you anywhere, including holiday travels.

Head Spa Massager

Aside from these effective gadgets, you can reduce holiday stress by following these tips:

  1. Make lists and schedule plans. For Thanksgiving dinner, you can list all the ingredients and tools you’ll need ahead of time. Then, schedule when you’ll purchase certain ingredients and prepare items each week until you finally get to the big day.
  2. Think about the group rather than the individual. For Christmas, get a gift that will please everyone in your family instead of stressing over individual gifts for everyone, like a new entertainment system or a small trip the entire family will enjoy.
  3. Take as many shortcuts as possible. Find reusable decorations that will last you years so next time the holidays roll around, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Here are some examples of timeless decorations: a sealed and lacquered wreath or some wall sticker decals that you can peel  off and reuse later on.

The Magnolia Company Holiday Wreath

Holiday wall sticker decal

If all else fails, you can always try Stress Paul, a soft rubber stress ball with a twist. Here’s to wishing everyone a stress-free holiday season!

Meet Paul, the stress reliever ball

Find this useful? Got any stress-reducing tips of your own? Let us know! :]

2 comments on “How to Manage Holiday Stress: Tips and Gadgets to Get You Through The Holiday Season

  1. Akshita Jain
    December 2, 2012

    One good way to manage Holiday stress is also to give yourself some relaxation. Some good time at the parlour, spa and shopping will also be good. I am obviously saying from the point of view of a girl as these things work well.


    • stantalum
      December 19, 2012

      I totally agree! I’m sure both men and women can appreciate getting pampered. It’s definitely a great way to relieve stress.


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