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Movember: A Celebration of Mustache and Man

Movember is finally here and the Mo Bro is back in town:
BIGGER, BolderHairier.
During the month of November people from all over the world are raising money for men’s health with a natural commodity that is taken for granted, facial hair. Movember is a celebratory movement in which men grow their mustaches and beards to raise money and awareness toward men’s health. The goal is to change the face of men’s health, by changing the faces of men. Women’s health issues are often addressed publicly throughout the year and Movember allows us to pay attention to men’s health issues (they have feelings too).
Endorsers like LIVESTRONGProstate Cancer Foundation and even TOMS shoes, raise funds for support and research toward awareness and treatment for those suffering with prostate cancertesticular cancer and male depression. From its small beginnings in Australia since 2003, the practice of “No Shave November” has now reached approximately 2 million men worldwide and the Movember movement has become a global phenomenon.

Australia, not just the inventors of Knifey-Spoony

Recently I watched a documentary from Morgan Spurlock called Mansome (highly recommended) that taught me that mustaches and beards are more than just facial hair. Physically a mustache has the ability to attract women, make a young man look older, and the right combination of facial hair can emphasize or compliment the different structures of a face. Psychologically it can ensue natural character, confidence, and a sense of masculinity that nothing else can surpass. Apparently it can also make a man feel like he obtains the power of ten grizzly bears (true quote). A gentleman’s facial hair requires just as much attention as the  lovely locks on our heads. With this new hair comes the responsibility of some TLC and fine grooming. Control the fuzzy chaos with a  mustache comb. Keep some mustache wax handy to style, shape, mold, and control flyaways. Turn to the knowledge of a fellow mustache enthusiast for advice or check online for mustache grooming tips.

Keep your grooming items tidy in a Stachebox

Read up on grooming tips

The Walrus, the Tombstone,  the Freestyler, the Abrakadabra; I know what you’re thinking…  No, these aren’t WWE wrestling moves, they are mustache styles!
Have no fear naked upper lip, for in the month of November comes yonder a burly mustache that will warm you on those cold autumn nights, like a brave and chivalrous knight sheltering a damsel in distress. The question is, which mustache style will represent you? You can start with a simple Box Car or Fu Manchu, go advanced with a Dali, or go for the “I don’t give a damn” look and grow a full-on Galifianiakis or ZZ Top (I myself am a sucker for the Frank Zappa and Undercover Brother). If you don’t know where to begin you can see a list of mustache styles or learn to grow a classic handlebar mustache.

I call this one “the Kazakhstan”

During this monthly celebration it is a common tradition to throw a party to spread the word of the Movember movement and raise money for men’s health awareness and their charities. It is also the perfect time to speculate and admire the newly donned mustaches of your fellow comrades. Make sure to have some mustache-inspired party items handy for your Movember party; on the plus side, you can use them anytime to throw a mustache themed party whenever you please!



Can’t participate in Movember because the slightest sliver of facial hair might get you fired at work? Perhaps your grandpa didn’t pass those genes down to you (A curse for some, a blessing to others).  Maybe you’re paranoid the grooming police will come pay you a visit, like a time traveling cop, and terminate that mustache in your sleep? There is no need to hesitate. There are plenty of accessories out there that will sport a mustache for you, sans the itchy hair, so you can attend that Movember party and  be one amongst the Mo Bros; maybe even catch yourself a Mo Sista along the way, cheeaow.


To learn more about “No Shave November” and support the cause of men’s health you can register online with Movember and Sons. Create a MoSpace and have people donate or sponsor you and your team, or get sponsored from local campaigns in your town. Now just sit back, relax and let the manliness unravel.

You are officially ready to party.

How will you be celebrating Movember this month? 


4 comments on “Movember: A Celebration of Mustache and Man

  1. Super Sasha
    November 14, 2012

    Knifey-spoony! Hahaha! If you’re in the Pasadena area, there’s a really cool pub that is also helping to spread awareness about Movember. They also have about 30 craft beers on tap (!!):


  2. Anonymous
    November 24, 2012

    Movember is such a fun month! I wish every month had something going like this!


  3. Ace
    November 27, 2012

    I amazed with the research you made to create this particular post extraordinary. Excellent job!


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