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Hurra Für Oktoberfest!

Möchten Sie ein paar Bier, 2shopper? Ja, würden wir! Yes, yes, YES! We finally have a chance to amply discuss that golden glory in a mug, beer! Oktoberfest has officially wrapped up (leaving so soon?) this weekend in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, where the very first festival occurred in 1810. Actually, it wasn’t originally intended to be inspiration for half price beer at your local dive bar—it was a wedding reception! A royal one, that is: Crown Prince Ludwig tied the knot with Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen , and all were invited to celebrate. Though beer wasn’t actually served until 1892, the festivities continued annually and today the addition of carnival rides, food and drinks galore, polka music, the chicken dance, and family-friendliness modernized the German tradition, allowing it to flourish while remaining true to its spirit of celebration. What better way to pay homage here in the States than with a mini-Oktoberfest for you and your fellow Bierleichen (“beer corpses”, or those who just drank themselves silly).  Hey, just because theirs is over doesn’t mean ours needs to be!

Think your mug is too pretty to be hidden by a larger mug? A Winestein Beer Mug, Beerdeaux Glass, or a Hopped Up Glass might be just your type. Think of how fancy your friends will think you are drinking beer from a wine glass in a beer mug.  Or drinking beer from a wine glass shaped like a beer bottle. Or drinking wine from a wine glass in a beer mug. Or drinking wine from a wine glass shaped like a beer bottle. Do we need to list all the possibilities?! Geez.

And don’t think that beer nuts will do; it’s Oktoberfest! Let’s entertain that foodie in all of us with a side of humor with Lip Service party picks.

Mustache picks that whimsically resemble the various world champion and award-winning mustache styles commonly seen in Bavaria and other renowned European Mustache Clubs and competitions.  Perfect for cute cubes of cheese, but even better with slices of bratwurst, Brezen (pretzel bread), or Bratkartoffeln (pan-fried crispy potatoes). Then you can discuss whether the Porn Star or Connoisseur mustache pick is aptly named or not, over a refreshing glass of your favorite pale ale or lager.

Three cheers for Oktoberfest!

(P.S. If our German above is sloppy, don’t blame us: shake your finger at Google Translate and the ails of technological convenience. That is all.)

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6 comments on “Hurra Für Oktoberfest!

  1. Georgia Jones
    October 13, 2012

    I like this post very much. I couldn’t have said it better. 🙂


  2. Derrick Lee
    November 1, 2012

    What a great way to celebrate October and Beer. Oh, I’ve got it! It’s and OctoBEER fest! These cool cups will definitely help me celebrate with style like germans do. Can’t wait to get the booze in them. Cheers!


  3. carly (@czamanac)
    November 12, 2012

    I love Oktoberfest! This year, we went to the local German community center for traditional long table seating and big big beers. If I were hosting a party, I’d definitely want to get those mugs – perfect size and shape for good Deutsches bier.



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