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The College Chef de’ Jour

It’s that time of year my fellow 2shopperites! It’s the end of summer and the being of fall, which means only one thing,  it’s time to go back to school. Trade in the lingering smell of suntan lotion for the smell of fresh pencil shavings.  Here at the office, some of us are getting ready for college living and we’d thought we’d keep you in-the-know-how on some great kitchen  products that will make this transition as awesome as an everything burrito!

Now after scouring  hours over massive amounts of scientific data and personal interviews with world renown experts (aka personal experiences & fellow co-workers) we’ve narrowed the 4 basic staples for optimum college eating: Pizza, Instant Ramen, Coffee, and errgh..  O’Doul’s non alcoholic, *wink*.

Fred & Friends PIZZA BOSS 3000

Any young, broke adult will tell you that cutting pizza to precise measurements for optimal pizza sharing experience is just as important as exact measurements for house building.

 Fred & Friends Pizza Boss 300Real engineers use power tools for pizza cutting!

GAMA GO  Amp’d Up Mug

When you snooze you lose, and in college or work for that matter, time is money.  Unless you have a time flux capacitor in your Delorean DMC, we suggest its time you ease off the snooze button and grab a cup XL cup of coffee.

Gama Go Amp'd up MugAmp up your mornings with this  XL porcelain coffee mug and jam through term papers  like a rock star.


SUCK UK  Ceramic Noodle Cup

 Class it up on a hot date and woo your future significant other/high tuition paying classmate with this fancy smancy noodle bowl! Nothing says love like connecting over a  hot, steaming bowl of 25¢ instant ramen.

SuckUK Ceramic Noodle Cup
Keep it Classy

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2 comments on “The College Chef de’ Jour

  1. Derrick Lee
    November 1, 2012

    These are perfect for the casual fella like me! All I do is eat ramen and have pizza delivered! Granted the pizza is already cut by the time it gets here but sometimes I like to cut it even more for the kids (great toy for them too). And this noodle cup will definitely make me feel authentic.


  2. Sharon
    February 19, 2013

    i wish the amp mug had an eleven!


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