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7 Smart Ways To Keep Your Cables, Cords, And Wires From Tangling

There is nothing more annoying than tangled cords and headphone cables. No matter what you do or how hard you try, your wires always end up in a twisted heap … Continue reading

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10 Ways To Clear The Clutter And Give Your Disorganized Desk A Makeover

With spring just around the corner, you’ll want to plan ahead for how you are going to get neat and organized. What better place to start than your very desk? Your … Continue reading

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The Purrrfect Gifts for Your Cat Loving Friends

Cats have been domesticated for over 9,000 years, which makes one wonder what did lonely hermits do before then? Unlike the dog, cats could care less whether you come home or … Continue reading

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Fun Party Ideas and Decorations To Make Your Next Backyard BBQ Unforgettable

Become a trendsetter with these unique BBQ party ideas and have your guests talking about your BBQ skills everywhere they go this summer.

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The Annual Chore: Spring Cleaning

Cleaning: is there one word that brings more joy and elation to the ears than that? Actually, there is; there’s chocolate, beer, bacon… But still, cleaning, ah cleaning, how we loathe– … Continue reading

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Redecorating Ideas to Brighten Your Home or Office for Spring

There is a remarkable beauty about spring that generally gives people a sense of renewal and positivity. It’s the season of life, when flowers begin to blossom, when the grass … Continue reading

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5 Ways Prepare, Cook, And Store Your Fruits And Veggies

Do you love eating healthy with a nice diet of fruits and vegetables? Does the sight of salad and fresh produce just make your mouth water? Then you’ll love celebrating … Continue reading

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How To Throw The Perfect Spring Tea Party

Who said tea parties have to just be for kids? Adults enjoy tea and parties, so why not combine the two together? Bring back a little bit of those memories … Continue reading

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Make A Healthy Salad For National Salad Month

Start eating healthy this month because May is National Salad Month. Pick from your favorite salad like Chef Salad, Caesar Salad or Cobb Salad. Grab some leafy greens, fresh vegetables, … Continue reading

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Get Pedaling: It’s National Bike Month!

For those of you who enjoy a nice bike ride, whether to work or for recreational purposes, bicycling is a excellent way to get some exercise and is a great … Continue reading

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