Stuff About Stuffing

November 17, 2012

STUFFING! Thanksgiving stuffing is proof that heaven is possible on Earth, that the stars need not align for all that’s perfect to be realized, and that we all deserve to be happy! Yes, I am a shameless stuffing-aholic, but many people refuse to meddle with its mushiness, to admire its lack of shape, or even to peruse the possibility that its nearly uniform color might delight with a wide spectrum of tastes and flavors. Yes, a blob of something that looks like your grandma’s regular diet might not be appetizing, but like most things, there’s more to stuffing than merely what you see. Forget about that box of dehydrated particles: check out some of these drool-worthy pictures and stuffing recipes and be prepared to join the believers!

Make some room with the dishes in your Thanksgiving rotation for Bobby Flay’s full flavored Wild Rice and Goat Cheese Dressing. You get those ingredients you expect—carrots, celery, and thyme—but with a kick of those that you don’t—chorizo and goat cheese.

Maybe you’re not that adventurous. Try this classic Cornbread Stuffing from southern cooking expert Paula Deen. Don’t let its simple ingredients fool you: the mixture of all the onion, celery, bread, and seasonings melt together like your evasion from eating stuffing in the first place.

If you think you might prefer a little sweet with your stuffing, there’s this Fennel-Sausage Stuffing, which features diced apples and fresh fennel. And unlike most stuffing recipes, this one cooks in less than a half hour!

See? Now let’s sound off about the varieties of stuffing and smile in the face of diversity! For more proof that stuffing is a blessing, check out Food Network’s guide to everything stuffing!

6 Responses to “Stuff About Stuffing”

  1. stantalum Says:

    You make stuffing sound so exciting. Maybe this year I’ll give it a chance!

  2. future garage Says:

    I didnt search this, but I like this, found it helpful! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. latelyleslie Says:

    Bobby flay is a genius. I’m definitely going to try the goat cheese and wild rice stuffing but will substitute chorizo with soyrizo ;) Great share!

  4. […] glory that is my mom’s homemade stuffing (which you probably gathered from a previous post about the blinding godliness of stuffing), my family sits around the boob tube to absorb as many episodes from “The Twilight Zone” […]

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Stuffing is my favorite, especially home made! Its a must for holiday meals!

  6. Ray Says:

    All of them look delicious! Awesome post!

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