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Ugh. That’s all we have to say about flu season. If you’re currently stuck in bed aching, we feel for you. We’ve all been there. Since there’s no known cure for the flu, you can try those home remedies to help. They’re gentler than typical medicine, and hopefully you’ll be feeling great in no time. Get well soon!

AromaMist Ultrasonic Diffusing Mister

Spa Room Aroma Mist Diffuser

This machine both dehumidifies and oozes aromatherapy oils. That’s double benefits for flu-sufferers everywhere. It also may help with headaches, digestion and anxiety. It’s worth a try. Plus, your home will smell great.

Warm Heart Herbal Huggie Bear

51HIDw+3UjLHeat this soft, cuddly bear up in the microwave and wait for the smell of lavender and buckwheat to envelop you. This is the perfect for the young and young at heart. Plus, it’s adorable. This makes a great gift for the sick.

Lemon Tea Infuser

Use this lemon-shaped infuser to brew your favorite cup of loose-leaf tea. Peppermint tea is ideal for tummy troubles. Or feel free to drink whatever makes your taste buds happy. The more fluids, the better. Plus, lemons may be a great way to ease ailments like morning sickness, indigestion, fever and a lot of other issues.

Dr. Bird Juicer
Dr Bird Juicer

If you’d prefer to get your juices fresh, consider this cute humming-bird shaped juicer. Use it to juice lemons and limes. The vitamin C in citrus fruits can be really helpful. Use this adorable tool to reap the benefits of the juice. You’ll actually look forward to juicing with a juicer this cute.

Juicester XL
Chef'n Juicester XL

If you prefer to get your citrus from OJ, consider this strainer that comes with an attached glass. This handy tool makes juicing easy. Plus, you don’t even have to get a new glass out when you’ve finished making your glass of orange juice. Drink up!

Anyone with a Facebook account can tell you that this is the season for engagements. If you’ve got your own diamond that you’d love to show off, your sparkly jewel deserves a holder that really makes it shine. For gorgeous and creative options, consider one of these picks. They’re cute, stylish and provide you or your recipient with a stunning stand for that pretty piece of jewelry. Plus, displaying your rings on the holder will make for great engagement pictures too. Either way, celebrate love and life with these ring holders.


Chrome Bunny Ring Holder

Umbra Bunny Chrome Ring Holder
Since spring is right around the corner, this chrome bunny ring holder might make the perfect gift to accompany your sparkly ring. A silver or white gold ring will blend seamlessly in with it, and a gold one will really stand out. This will be perfect for your little “bunny.” Wink. Wink.

Zoola Elephant Ring Holder


This adorable elephant with an upturned trunk is so cute, your significant other will probably say “yes” as soon as they see it. Use it for a bride to be or someone who’s expecting since elephants are common in baby décor. Push presents are most appreciated, after all.

Umbra Giraffe Ring Holder


Stack these rings high—this giraffe’s neck can handle it. This would be perfect for your animal-loving friends. Or just the little girl who’s got plenty of costume rings.

Muse Umbrella Ring Holder


Rain is undeniably romantic. Breakfast at Tiffany’s doesn’t end with a long kiss in the rain for nothing. And this umbrella ring holder can help remind you of previous romantic moments. Or just as a reminder that you’ll make it through the rainy days.

When it comes to baking, standard molds and baking cups can be, well, a bit dull. Even if what’s inside is the sweetest treat you’ve ever made, the best baker can use new tools every now and then. If you’re looking to make your next batch the best ever, these cute tools can help.


Photo courtesy of flickr user Kate Andrews

Sweet Tooth Cupcake Molds

Fred and Friends Sweet Tooth Cupcake MoldsDon’t hide your love of all things sweet; celebrate it with these molds. You’ll appreciate these tiny tooth molds that hold cupcakes. These would be perfect for kids and Halloween parties too!


Fred and Friends Teacupcakes Cupcake MoldCupcakes and tea go together like chocolate and peanut butter. And there’s no better way to appreciate the best of both worlds than with these cupcake teacup molds. As an added bonus, these bake and serve in the same mold. Every little girl around will love these for her tea party.

NEAT EATS Flower Cupcakes

Even though spring is (sadly) a few weeks away, you can still enjoy its pleasures with these cupcake holders. They’re adorably shaped like flower pots and include forks shaped like—you guessed it—flowers! Dig in and remember that spring really is just weeks away.


FNFCUPEXKids who love trains will get a kick out of these silicone baking cups. Can you think of a better accessory for a Thomas the Tank Engine party? Serve them and watch as the kids enjoy these as much as you do.


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